Wire connectors are widely used in automotive, communications and various industrial fields. A connector is an important functional component for signal transfer and energy transfer. It is used to turn on, disconnect or convert a circuit or optical channel by means of electrical or optical signals and mechanical forces, and is used as a device, component, device, system. An electrical or optical signal is connected to transmit a signal or electromagnetic energy and maintains no signal distortion or loss of energy loss between the system and the system.

Cars have become the largest market segment, and new energy sources have placed higher demands on connectors. The car accounts for 25% of the connector, the traditional car connector is a low-voltage connector, but the new energy car connector is a high-voltage connector, the operating voltage range is increased from 14V to 400-600V of the traditional car, the automotive electrical and electronic architecture needs Comprehensive improvement, and the connector is the key part.

wire connector

Domestic connector scale and growth rate are leading. The global connector market size reached a total market value of 54.16 billion US dollars in 2016; the Chinese market accounted for the largest share in the world, with a total market value of 16.47 billion US dollars in 2016, accounting for 30.4% of the global total. In 2011-2016, the compound growth rate reached 5.0%, significantly ahead of other regions.

The international leading position is stable and the domestic independent development is rapid. International connector companies mainly include TE Connectivity, Delphi, Amphenol, Molex, and Yazaki. Although the industry leaders are all foreign-funded, the domestic independent development in China is rapid. With the increasing application of new energy devices, Wirafe, as a professional manufacturer of wire harnesses and connectors, is one of the outstanding enterprises in China.