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Voices of Our Customers

I am Ms. Della, Purchasing Manager at an auto repair shop in Illinois, USA. Our company often need small batches of car wiring harnesses. However, I am constantly rejected because of the minimum order quantity limitations in the American market. Now Wirafe satisfies me since I no longer have to suffer from MOQ issues.


My English level is limited, and I can’t always fully understand the English of Chinese wire harness sellers that I have encountered before. But there is no difficulty cooperating with Wirafe. Its sales staff can always understand the meanings of my email. This feeling makes me quite comfortable. Thank you.


In Brazil, customs clearance and logistics are often a headache. Wirafe is doing very well in this regard. We have worked with it three times and each time the cooperation is very enjoyable. Whenever we encounter various problems, their customer service staff will try their best to solve for us. This is very commendable.


My name is Nicolas and I am from an electric wheelchair lift company in Kalmthout, Belgium. Our industry is relatively small, and the suppliers of wire harness in Europe are very expensive in the quotation. It is not until one day we discovered Wifafe, did we realize that small demand can also be respected, and the price is reasonable as well.


I used to be wary of Chinese manufacturing. Later, Chinese construction companies built the largest mosque in Algeria and the third largest in the world. I feel that the quality of Chinese manufacturing is not as vulnerable as some claime after I bought the wire harness from China. Give it a try, there will be surprises.


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